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Femø - where the Sky kisses the Earth

Femø is a place worth visiting; a fact, many a tourist have learned, with 11.4 square kilometres of beautifull “hill and valley” landscape and the overall feeling of the near sea. At this island app. 140 inhabitants finds a peaceful way of living.

Thus our proverb “Femø – where the Sky kisses the Earth”.

You begin by taking the Ferry “Femøsund” from the small harbor at “Kragenæs”. That ferry will smoothly take you on a 50 minutes sailing trip past and halfway around the Island Fejø, letting you enjoy a scenery charactericed by a sea and a sky that seems to meet each other with the horizon broken by very flat islands.
Then you arrive the harbor of Femø, where fishermen and skippers used to live. Now their houses are owned by people that, like them, likes the nearness of the sea.
You now get the possibility of renting a bike at the “Gule Magasin”, where the only merchant on the island has his shop. Maybe you would want to take a walk instead, along the “Askhavnsvej”.
The view shifts to a very hilly landscape, criscrossed by 35 km. public roads. Eventually you reach the town of Nørreby, where you will find the inn “Femø Kro”, vice versa to the café and gallerie “Højriis”. These two establisments have a lot of events through summer.
You will now have reached the second highest point on the island, nearly 18 m. beyond sealevel!

If you don’t like to sail to Femø, you could use the little runway at the inn. For that you would need a privat plane -!
But beware: The innkeeper would like you to seek information concerning the runway before using it. Many uses the runway, but better to be safe than sorry!

When you are biking (or walking) around on the Island, you eventually will reach the town of “Sønderby”, where roads are criscrossing each other in a rather unpredictable way. Here you will find the highest point on Femø, “Issemosebjerg”, 21 m. beyond sealevel, near the farm “Issemosegård”, where a former cornsilo is towering.
There is some planning of turning that silo to an observationtower. Nights on Femø is very starry, due to the absence of citylights.

The deepest valley is called “Bækkenet“and is partly under sealevel. It streches through most of the valley and was originally an inlet. A dike was build in 1900, separating Bækkenet from the sea “Smålandshavet”. The seawater was then drained to the sea (1890 – 1930), and in the year 1931 “Bækrenden”, a drain ditch, was digged and a more stable pumping station established.

Looking east and south, the church has a remarkable view to the sea and the surrounding islands.

Every summer the population grows. Tourists and owners of the many weekend cottages arrives, and especially the big event, Femø Jazz, draws many people to Femø.
For many years now there has been the annual meeting of Femø‘s Women Camp.

Farming is the biggest trade on the island, but only 2 farms got cattle.

The local doctor lives in Nørreby and co-operates with the doctor at Fejø. In an emergency we got facilities for helicopters.